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Exercise Routine Not the Best Way to Lose Weight

Exercise Routine Not the Best Way to Lose Weight
Most of us probably ever been frustrated because of desirable body weight was also achieved despite regular exercise. Actually exercise we do is the correct strategy, but there are some mistakes that could hamper our efforts to achieve the target. According Dr.Corneel Vandelanotte, health and physical activity researcher at Central Queensland University, our body weight is determined only a small part of how active we are. "" Losing weight just with exercise is a very difficult thing, '' reveals katanya.Ia 4 myths about physical exercise to lose weight. Myth 1. Sport is the best way to lose weight badanMeski there are some people who successfully lose weight just through regular exercise, but in fact this method does not guarantee success in the majority of the body's energy orang.Keseimbangan mostly depends by what we eat and the metabolic rate. How active we are moving only an minor role in maintaining the body's energy balance. In other words, lose weight just by being active is a hard job sendiri.The American College of Sports Medicine recommends moderate intensity exercise for 250 to 300 minutes per week for weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to combine a low-calorie diet with physical activity teratur.2. Not maybe fat but still sehatOrang with a healthy weight are less active may look fine, but not so. When you are inactive, you have a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression and kecemasan.Beberapa studies show a link between premature death with obesity being lost when a person continues to exercise regularly (although some studies argue this case) .This means your metabolism can remain healthy even if you are overweight. But with the record only if you continue to remain aktif.Tentunya, people who are healthy and have normal body weight are those that have the best health. 3. "" No pain, no gain "" The above sentence could be interpreted as "" there is no suffering, no weight loss. "" A lot of people who think like that, but in fact tidak.Seperti mentioned earlier, if you want to lose weight by being active, you have to work hard for the sake of moderate-intensity physical mewujudkannya.Aktivitas highly recommended than exertion activities that need physical tinggi.Aktivitas moderate intensity, such as brisk walking or cycling, is not painful and does not make you suffer to achieve the goal. 4. Only efektifLatihan strength training or strength endurance is very good for several reasons. This exercise can improve the functional capacity (the ability to perform a variety of jobs themselves safely), form of lean muscle mass and prevent falls and osteoporosis.Massa muscles require more energy than fat mass, even when resting. So the more muscular you are, the higher the metabolic rate of the body which makes it easier habis.Bagaimanapun energy, build muscle mass requires serious effort and you have to keep a routine exercise or it will lose significant muscle mass, which will happen in a few exercises minggu.Dibanding strength, endurance or aerobic exercise is very helpful to lose badan.Faktanya, recent research has shown that resistance exercise is more effective in weight loss than with exercise kekuatan.Jadi, the most important is to do regular exercise that you like. (Gibran Linggau)
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