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Achieve Ideal Body Weight with Application Counters

Achieve Ideal Body Weight with Application Counters
Now, calculate the calories of food is no longer difficult. Technology allows the layman calculate the calories diasup everyday.

For dieters, calorie counter application can be used as a solution. Just by entering the data of food or scanning barcodes on food packaging, food calories can be estimated.

No longer need a special notebook to record all food eaten. Most noticeably is no need to bother to find out the number of calories in a menu from a variety of sources.

Like the story of Dina (28) which is always fiddling with his cell phone before eating. This ritual he did to determine the amount of calories in food to be eaten.

"I used MyFitnessPal application. It's easy, just point the camera phone to the barcode on food packaging. Deh appeared dose calories, "said Dina who are trying to lose weight.

Various existing applications has advantages and disadvantages. The most prominent is usually how much the application database regarding food.

"I chose MyFitnessPal for food database is very comprehensive. In fact, the data kethoprak calories in one serving of anything, "said Dina.

Previously, Dina claimed hassles with a small notebook and looking for info on calories in one menu. He had to find out like a student who was working on research tasks.

As a result, Dina claimed to down a few kilograms in a month. He did not want to be too drastic to lose weight in a short time.

Curious, Kompas.com was tested for three days. This application has more than six million food menu in the database.

Some Indonesian dishes like sauteed oncom leunca, Holy soto, Ketoprak, tripe, and tongseng exists in the database. Even for tongseng menu there is an option with or without coconut milk, which certainly has a different amount of calories.

Why Calories?
Why are calculated is a calorie? Rather than carbohydrates or fat is often considered as the source of obesity?

Adapted by LiveScience, a calorie is a unit of energy. All types of foods contain calories, including the fat calories.

The number of calories each food is different. Most of the literature says that fat has the highest number of calories compared with carbohydrates and protein.

So, counting calories is arguably a middle way. Thus we need not stay away from fats and carbohydrates. In any case the body needs fat and carbohydrates.

Healthy adult human generally need 2,000 calories per day. Except in certain circumstances, be more or less.

For dieters who want to lose weight, must consume less than 2000 calories per day. In a measure calories, the necessary skills to read the number of calories in one menu. Of course, further supported by the daily caloric intake.

Activity recorded in calories is not without reason. A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Care Weight Management Institute said that the activities of this record enlarge a person's success in weight loss programs.

Dieters experienced success recorded menu two times greater than those not taking notes.

"The process of understanding what to eat every day to make us aware of what they eat and become a good habit. But once again depends on the person, whether to keep the target weight loss or not, "said Keith Bachmann, member of Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute Weight quoted as saying by LiveScience.

The bottom line, whatever application you choose, all of it just as a note taker and reminder. The spirit and motivation from within remains the key to the success of a diet program.

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